Age 4 - 6

Little Pianist
Little Pianist is a group piano class for children and parents learning together, it is specially designed for the younger students on building up the music foundation in a fun and engaging environment. The various activities in the class will motivate students to practice at home and focus on learning the basic piano playing technique, reading music notation, rhythm, listening, singing, theory concepts and percussion instrument playing. Through this interesting program, the students will be well prepared with the strong music foundation and ready to move onto any individual instrumental lesson. There will be a student recital at the end of each level.

Please click HERE to watch the highlight of the class!

For more information regarding the Program and Tuition: Please contact us at:
510-793-1899 (Fremont) or email at: Attn: Fremont Campus
650-897-1899 (Millbrae) or email at Attn: Millbrae Campus
650-578-1899 (Foster City) or email at: Attn: Foster City Campus
925-803-1899 (San Ramon) or email at: Attn: San Ramon Campus
510-347-1899 (San Leandro) or email at: Attn: San Leandro Campus
626-876-1899 (Temple City) or email at: Attn: Temple City