Students will receive weekly one-on-one private lesson in the chosen instrument. All teachers at Music Land received the professional Master degree or Bachelor degree in Music and are experienced in teaching all levels, from beginner to advanced level.

Our teachers will prepare the personal lesson plan for each student, based on each student’s understanding, speed of progression, student’s interest and parent’s expectations etc.

Our students will be trained on how to play the instruments with the proper technique, reading musical notations and with the performance directions; besides that, the private lesson will also include the music theory time and sight-reading practice which will enrich the student’s understanding of the concepts and help the students succeed in their learnings.

Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Drums, Voice

30-minute per week
45-minute per week
60-minute per week

Students will be required to purchase the music books and necessary music materials.

For more information regarding the Program and Tuition: Please contact us at:
510-793-1899 (Fremont) or email at: Attn: Fremont Campus
650-897-1899 (Millbrae) or email at Attn: Millbrae Campus
650-578-1899 (Foster City) or email at: Attn: Foster City Campus
925-803-1899 (San Ramon) or email at: Attn: San Ramon Campus
510-347-1899 (San Leandro) or email at: Attn: San Leandro Campus
626-876-1899 (Temple City) or email at: Attn: Temple City