Children Choir
Age 5-10
(45 min per class)

4-8 students per class
This children choir for 5-8 years old is a singing class will help the children to develop their singing voice naturally and will introduce fundamental music theory concepts to beginner throughout various music games and activities.

We currently have online and in-person classes available!

It will teach children the fundamental singing techniques, breath control, correct posture, phrasing and singing in tune etc. In addition to the development of the vocal skills, our director and Tech. team have purposely developed a set of animation courseware which will stimulate the students’ passion for learning the various musical knowledge and enrich their understanding in music theories.

Our goal is to develop music into every child’s everyday life and grow with them.

The 5 major elements of the course:

  1. Exploration and training of the basic voice skills.
  2. Solfege - learn to combine singing in tune and listening effectively.
  3. Understand and learn how to apply various musical concepts to the music.
  4. Explore diversified music styles and learn songs in different language each session.
  5. Use the body as a musical instrument to experience various games and rhythm activities, in order to better inspire children's interest in music.

For more information regarding the Program and Tuition: Please contact us at:
510-793-1899 (Fremont) or email at: Attn: Fremont Campus
510-347-1899 (San Leandro) or email at: Attn: San Leandro Campus
650-578-1899 (Foster City) or email at: Attn: Foster City Campus
925-803-1899 (San Ramon) or email at: Attn: San Ramon Campus